We Built A Giant Waterpark In Our Backyard - FaZe Clan

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FaZe Clan revamps the FaZe House into a waterpark with the help of Sommerray, @FaZe Jarvis @FaZe Teeqo @FaZe Kay @FaZe Adapt @FaZe Temperrr @Cizzorz @FaZe Nikan !
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Trajanje: 11:18


LEO DAN SANTOS - Prije 9 minuta
Faze clan: behind camera, aren't u just tired of the pool its no fun
Faze jarvis brain : do a water park
Jarvis:ima do a water park
Pool: am i a joke to u
Cheicke Amone
Cheicke Amone - Prije 2 sati
Why they didn’t go to the pool ?😂
Sohail Hundal
Sohail Hundal - Prije 3 sati
Why can’t they just cold down in the pool
Gayathri Menon
Gayathri Menon - Prije 8 sati
Wanna join faze been spamming your youtube forever
Chase Strafes
Chase Strafes - Prije 9 sati
Before I even start watching, im saying banks doesn’t use the slide :/
Kasparas Špukas
Kasparas Špukas - Prije 12 sati
Some people are blesed by gods
t3mpo - Prije 12 sati
that intro was fucking lit
#SavageSausages - Prije 13 sati
what i love doin in my free time- going onto every one of his vids and dislikin
Sam Treahy
Sam Treahy - Prije 14 sati
Colin Torres
Colin Torres - Prije 19 sati
Waer park
Esther Mizrahi
Esther Mizrahi - Prije 21 sat
were wa @banks bro you said him in the intro and nice $h~t jarvis for and england boi~where the f(k is rug already come on bro-i call him faze brandon for the trickshot yo thx
@FazeJarvis @FaZebrandon @Fazeteeqo @FaZeKay @FazeADAPT @cizzroz sorry for ya broken hand wheres the next deathrun mabey in minecraft or roblox who knows ok we out peace
PhD flopper
PhD flopper - Prije 21 sat
I remember when faze was about cod and sniping
Darrel Montgomery
Darrel Montgomery - Prije 23 sati
Gvaibbbey - Prije dan
Jarvis when he fell in the water: bruv-
shane ligon
shane ligon - Prije dan
What happened to cod bruh
AirBeast101 - Prije dan
kay was wearing a f@cking sweater
Gaming with LilMo
Gaming with LilMo - Prije dan
how do i get into faze
Andres Maldonado
Andres Maldonado - Prije dan
That intro is straight flame
DrewbieFan :D
DrewbieFan :D - Prije dan
Where’s sommer ray? 🥺
Troy Thomas
Troy Thomas - Prije dan
Me to
Tomstart - Prije dan
Do they all need to wear shirts in the pool? XD
MizzGurly !
MizzGurly ! - Prije dan
That was cute intro😂👏
ツLuisBtw - Prije dan
Bruh pump it up was the shittt
Toxin - Prije dan
Trenton Werntz
Trenton Werntz - Prije dan
Why don’t y’all take of your shirts?
YoNev - Prije dan
That should make a Jarvis shirt with him crying when he got banned
Fruity Fanboy
Fruity Fanboy - Prije dan
Love u guys so funny
3than.1o1 - Prije dan
Best Intro EVERRR!,!!!!!
Bryanmadesmk - Prije dan
Jarvis and bravadis both like sommer ray
Reece Emerson
Reece Emerson - Prije dan
But don’t y’all got a pool???
EL1TE ZER0 - Prije dan
Brooo the nostalgia I got from adapt talking about pump it up, holy bro!
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - Prije dan
That intro so good ❤️❤️🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚
Yonatan Abramov
Yonatan Abramov - Prije 2 dana
The intro was 😂 funny
neejoy sola
neejoy sola - Prije dan
Mr O
Mr O - Prije 2 dana
We want jez in a video
Gerardo Valdez
Gerardo Valdez - Prije 2 dana
8:05 🤣🤣
Ri3T - Prije 2 dana
pump it up was the shit lmao
iCactus! - Prije 2 dana
Y en sevilla estamos a 40 grados, para que encima se quejen
Kristopher Vyvjala
Kristopher Vyvjala - Prije 2 dana
Dude pump it um was lit
Kristopher Vyvjala
Kristopher Vyvjala - Prije 2 dana
Andrew Superblly
Andrew Superblly - Prije 2 dana
faze clan vs faze rug.
zhouyun3062 - Prije 2 dana
Jarvis:everyone just went down like a little bitch
Adapt: you talking about me
Jarvis:yeah you’re a little bitch😂
Fin Farmer
Fin Farmer - Prije 2 dana
do Americans understand lockdown ffs
Bolt_ Circuit
Bolt_ Circuit - Prije 2 dana
i wish i was in FaZe not my own clan Bolt. Like if u agree
Awi Ashes
Awi Ashes - Prije 2 dana
He’s right it’s football
Lord Sesshomaru
Lord Sesshomaru - Prije 2 dana
House full of bitch kids. Ain’t no one forget you crying like a chump when you got banned on fortnite for cheating lmao. Loserrrrrr
Unknown Guy
Unknown Guy - Prije 2 dana
U lot r just b-tech Sidemen
Tallin Ackermann
Tallin Ackermann - Prije 2 dana
Naifx989 A
Naifx989 A - Prije 2 dana
That intro so good ❤️❤️🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚
dripz_Kreeq - Prije 2 dana
yo why the intro look like a kid’s toy review channel
isla Garcia
isla Garcia - Prije 2 dana
faze rug?
Jordyn Woli
Jordyn Woli - Prije 2 dana
Nice clickbait photo from video with 19 million views
Paul Harrington
Paul Harrington - Prije 2 dana
Geo™ - Prije 2 dana
And faze sway?
Tenplays -_-
Tenplays -_- - Prije 2 dana
When ur rich and bored in quarantine
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Prije 2 dana
Best part 0:08-0:36
EBRAR VESELI - Prije 2 dana
Faze Tepmer(ature)
Mr Quistor
Mr Quistor - Prije 2 dana
Who else is wondering how in the intro faze temperrr jumps so high
bilinas mini
bilinas mini - Prije 2 dana
Is this being a kids series?
Daniel Balladares
Daniel Balladares - Prije 2 dana
anybody remember the face recon days?
what in tarnation
what in tarnation - Prije 3 dana
no banks cause he would've had to take his hat off
DFX GHOST - Prije 3 dana
How to join in the clan
Æ Snagz
Æ Snagz - Prije 3 dana
only the og's know pump it up
Pheonix Mckay
Pheonix Mckay - Prije 3 dana
Damn teeqo with the naruto run 😂😭
monika laosi
monika laosi - Prije 3 dana
kay: “it’s so hot in here” also kay: in the fridge with a sweatsuit on
Johan Cruiff
Johan Cruiff - Prije 3 dana
💩 content
Its Jh
Its Jh - Prije 3 dana
I told her mans not hot
LHE FTW - Prije 3 dana
All u faze u stupid.
monika laosi
monika laosi - Prije 3 dana
kay: “it’s so hot in here” also kay: in the fridge with a sweatsuit on
kaczka :D
kaczka :D - Prije 3 dana
HAUSE tiktokers lmao
Dillon C
Dillon C - Prije 3 dana
Lol teeqos the man
ninx •
ninx • - Prije 3 dana
It’s fricken freezing in Australia
MasterYTOnYT - Prije 3 dana
Is this being a kids series?
YRK Music
YRK Music - Prije 3 dana
Best part 0:08-0:36
Mr. Phylosity
Mr. Phylosity - Prije 3 dana
Jarvis thinking
Getting banned
Jamie Baker
Jamie Baker - Prije 3 dana
I now this may sound crazy and there is a one percent chance this could happen but could I be the first Nintendo switch player to join faze
Kenny Armstrong
Kenny Armstrong - Prije dan
I live near you
iKiddo - Prije 2 dana
Everything is possible bro,btw goodluck!! 💎❤
explosive Content
explosive Content - Prije 3 dana
Mitko Ivanov
Mitko Ivanov - Prije 3 dana
Bro u man need to isolate in ur fucking rooms. Worlds getting fucked by the virus shit and u man are 15 ppl sliding.
Jaylin Games
Jaylin Games - Prije 3 dana
How do I get in faze?
SR CLAN- OFFICIAL - Prije 3 dana
Quarantine life valid asf, FaZe up 🤘🏽😭🔥
Xx_Dark-Content_xX X_X
Xx_Dark-Content_xX X_X - Prije 3 dana
My man be using the toys are us font😂😂😂
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Prije 3 dana
4:02 “that was legitness”
b2theb - Prije 3 dana
Who the fook are these dipshits?
Aaron Rivera
Aaron Rivera - Prije 3 dana
kay: “it’s so hot in here”
also kay: *in the fridge with a sweatsuit on*
wRuF_ Reaper
wRuF_ Reaper - Prije 3 dana
adapts comments throughout made this whole video lmfaoooooo
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi - Prije 3 dana
4:09 teeqo went down like a legend
Ali Torres
Ali Torres - Prije 4 dana
Fire intro