Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work

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Trying Dumb LIFE HACKS to see if they work! Haven't done any diy lifehacks in a while... Leave a Like if you enjoyed! Watch Dumb People Caught STEALING Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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Shark Khan
Shark Khan - Prije sat
I hade done oreo icreame and issa besttt
Alexi B
Alexi B - Prije sat
Boy u didn’t try shit
Joy’s kiwi fox 키위 키위
A trick that I do for sneaking food at the cinema is that I take s shop bag and put food inside
Chris Perrault
Chris Perrault - Prije sat
Watermelon and chicken, I’m fucking DEAD. 😂
Sahib Jan Fatima HAROON
Sahib Jan Fatima HAROON - Prije 2 sati
When she said where is the head of the corn I remembered Taylor Swift saying "it doesn't have a head ".
Ashen 1
Ashen 1 - Prije 2 sati
Ash Potato
Ash Potato - Prije 2 sati
“Is it old, did it come from a bad chicken? Somethings fishy” from that moment I knew I had to make a pun
LAU XING YU Moe - Prije 3 sati
Can you prank your boyfirend and say that your pregnant
ItsTheBrang Yt
ItsTheBrang Yt - Prije 3 sati
Girl Gamer
Girl Gamer - Prije 3 sati
to haters:if u people hate her video why are u watching and disliking her vid?
Naster - Prije 3 sati
Look an e girl
Kristine Alegado
Kristine Alegado - Prije 3 sati
You can't make pop corn using sweet corn because their different
rAnDom GirL
rAnDom GirL - Prije 3 sati
I still can’t believe that in America’s y’all have to buy snacks,in Australia you can bring whatever you want to the movies🥱
GRV - Prije 4 sati
Wood Barb
Wood Barb - Prije 4 sati
Hessa Alfahad
Hessa Alfahad - Prije 5 sati
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - Prije 5 sati
Person: How do you like your grapes? Me: B O N E L E S S
clelvis225 - Prije 5 sati
Is stupidity a sexually transmitted diaease? Or was she born this way?
Alexa Gerraty-Ryan
Alexa Gerraty-Ryan - Prije 6 sati
the bag is to thick
Aubrei Bratton
Aubrei Bratton - Prije 7 sati
Um you is a bit**
dueeh nyyu
dueeh nyyu - Prije 5 sati
I'm a celiac I can't have weat it kinda sucks
Mr.G LIVE - Prije 7 sati
So you're really promoting the whole mental illness thing...
Google Shared
Google Shared - Prije 7 sati
Spanish Bat video so glitch
Google Shared
Google Shared - Prije 7 sati
Spanish bat glitch
Emma Mathwig
Emma Mathwig - Prije 8 sati
i have celiacs decease it sucks once i got a different price because i cant have cookies and i got sour patch kids and then people at my school were like i want to be gluten free and i just stood there in my head saying NO YOU DONT!
Abyss Lurker
Abyss Lurker - Prije 8 sati
Why I see this sh*t in recomendation
Sami Barker
Sami Barker - Prije 8 sati
Lia, cooking chicken in a watermelon like that actually keeps it more juicy and flavorful
CurseAndy - Prije 8 sati
dId sHE juST puT mC dOnAlds oN heR 'SALAHD'
Kalina Honczarenko
Kalina Honczarenko - Prije 8 sati
ur videos would b good if u didnt speak like that
Antonio Damico
Antonio Damico - Prije 9 sati
Sheena - Prije 9 sati
what is your number
Skeet Skeeter
Skeet Skeeter - Prije 9 sati
I hate people
Safwan Mohammed
Safwan Mohammed - Prije 10 sati
So many thirst comments
Djamon Liddell
Djamon Liddell - Prije 10 sati
Lol boneless grapes
٦se٦en٦ - Prije 11 sati
Thought she was gonna actually try get into a movie theater.. disappointed.
NJJ Leach
NJJ Leach - Prije 11 sati
I'm a celiac I can't have weat it kinda sucks
Alla Abuali
Alla Abuali - Prije 11 sati
The way she said salad tho
Lannan Beanland
Lannan Beanland - Prije 11 sati
the last was not manses in was yogurt
Dalyeora9321 BangtanBabies
Dalyeora9321 BangtanBabies - Prije 12 sati
Literally nobody:
Sssniperwolf: Bone Apple Teeth!
ToxicWolf 2451
ToxicWolf 2451 - Prije 12 sati
Is still eat that ice cream she made
Brielle Holtz
Brielle Holtz - Prije 12 sati
I like how she legitimately thought the corn one was going to work
Kaylee Billbe
Kaylee Billbe - Prije 12 sati
Your dog is so cute

Like I you think her dog I cute
Visitante App
Visitante App - Prije 12 sati
Why is the bowl literally on her puss?
Beast Mode Michael
Beast Mode Michael - Prije 12 sati
She so fine
Ĺily Sampson
Ĺily Sampson - Prije 12 sati
No one:
Like no one ever:
Lia: boy them eye whites be looking thiccc
Neilhou Zeliang
Neilhou Zeliang - Prije 12 sati
SSSniper wolf is Rich lady
Delaney McGinnis
Delaney McGinnis - Prije 12 sati
Ohhh celiac squad i also have celiac
Bellah Seguin
Bellah Seguin - Prije 12 sati
Bro! Just bring a backpack with candy in it or a purse with all candy in it!
Majuere's Asinner
Majuere's Asinner - Prije 12 sati
Ur fuking crack up
Neilhou Zeliang
Neilhou Zeliang - Prije 12 sati
She will be a mother later
gacha snowflake hailey
gacha snowflake hailey - Prije 12 sati
3:48 kracks really 😑😑
Salverria Damshi
Salverria Damshi - Prije 13 sati
You're. Free
SuperCoffi show
SuperCoffi show - Prije 13 sati
I like Boobie eggs
Korblox Playz
Korblox Playz - Prije 13 sati
1:47 Oof!
Sonya Ryabtseva
Sonya Ryabtseva - Prije 13 sati
The egg fluffy one that was called the cloud egg 🍳
Sappy Tree
Sappy Tree - Prije 13 sati
She cute
bilisha coli
bilisha coli - Prije 13 sati
"I'm pregnant and its jesus" - ~that spoilt brat from the Jeremy Kyle show~ -sssniperwolf 2020
Adrian Sawh
Adrian Sawh - Prije 13 sati
I saw this 5 minute craft video
Dekota Jamieson
Dekota Jamieson - Prije 13 sati
Oml I found someone who likes soggy Oreos IM NOT ALONEE
Fiancé Princess
Fiancé Princess - Prije 13 sati
Biggest fan so biggest fan❤️
bilisha coli
bilisha coli - Prije 13 sati
When I said trick or treat the doorbell actually rang XD
Pabitra Rai
Pabitra Rai - Prije 14 sati
Like wtf you born a big chocolate baby