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Folabi is back, but this time he’s finding out the truth!
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πŸ”΄ SIMON (Miniminter)
πŸ”΅ JOSH (Zerkaa)
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πŸ”΄ ETHAN (Behzinga)
πŸ”΅ VIK (Vikkstar123)
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πŸ”΄ TOBI (Tobjizzle)
πŸ”΅ JJ (KSI)
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πŸ”΄ HARRY (W2S)
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Trajanje: 35:09


Mieka Sluijs
Mieka Sluijs - Prije 14 sati
ok but who’s vikks girlfriend doe
Da_YummY_Man - Prije 14 sati
Wait jj was in his pants lol
Noor Sultan
Noor Sultan - Prije 14 sati
All punishments:
15:50 Tobi
17:08 Vik
19:04 Tobi
20:17 Harry
24:35 Ethan
27:43 Harry
32:02 JJ
Kyle Loney
Kyle Loney - Prije 18 sati
So we gone ignore the fact that ksi just did the rape face againπŸ˜‚
Jam Jam Jam
Jam Jam Jam - Prije 19 sati
19:06 I'm dead! 🀣🀣🀣🀣
MegaSharkYT -__-
MegaSharkYT -__- - Prije 20 sati
Zabiullah Soltani
Zabiullah Soltani - Prije 22 sati
20:21 return of the RAPE FACE
edgar lola
edgar lola - Prije 22 sati
wtf is plastic arsenal?
Leacroft Fries
Leacroft Fries - Prije 23 sati
Vikk have a Girlfriend??????
Anxi - Prije 23 sati
Why is ksi never in these videos
Zaid Stormer
Zaid Stormer - Prije 23 sati
Pause the video and then go to 1:26
Yashwant Kumar
Yashwant Kumar - Prije 23 sati
15:49 this image out of context is so weird
Nathan Cao
Nathan Cao - Prije dan
13:39 My throat hurts from that
Loc Au
Loc Au - Prije dan
bruh jj wasn't wearing pants
chris McDonagh
chris McDonagh - Prije dan
20.22 return of the rape face
Patric TheDragon
Patric TheDragon - Prije dan
Who else saw jj didnt have trousers on until like half the video
Zaeano - Prije dan
13:40 best part
This is a banger
erick orihuela
erick orihuela - Prije dan
I don’t get the bullying part?
Vikram Singh
Vikram Singh - Prije dan
Deji claims jj bullied him, which nearly ruined jj Deji mainly did it to get to 10mill
Raimondo - Prije dan
as if he was wiping with an lv belt
lil worried
lil worried - Prije dan
Can someone please tell me what tobi said in here ??
Saruto _U
Saruto _U - Prije dan
When he pulled out the slipper all I thought of was the Arabic ksi hahaha
Zach Moritz
Zach Moritz - Prije dan
29:34 Was Ethan trying to do a light saber cause it didnt sound like one imo
Emil Marenk
Emil Marenk - Prije dan
Theo Yabsira Shah
Theo Yabsira Shah - Prije dan
What were they talking about the YouTube bullying the other
d33n786 hussain
d33n786 hussain - Prije dan
5:04 first comeback from vicπŸ‘
its stacey
its stacey - Prije dan
I’m more concerned about the fact jj doesn’t have trousers on πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jackstar_ 10
Jackstar_ 10 - Prije dan
where did that funny host go at the end ?
Jackstar_ 10
Jackstar_ 10 - Prije dan
KSI is wearing no pants with a blazer, dress shirt and top hat πŸ˜‚
daniel byrnes
daniel byrnes - Prije dan
Team Josh
Keeley Hardy
Keeley Hardy - Prije dan
Why is kai in only the top bit of his suit
Tutorial Builds
Tutorial Builds - Prije dan
Keeley Hardy u mean Follabi?
Shock Knight
Shock Knight - Prije dan
who else felt jjs first one
1111 subscriber with 1 stupid video
Skip to 15:10
Vexened - Prije dan
Josh is not the leader of the sidemen, he's just Ethan's dad.
Daniel Shinkaruk
Daniel Shinkaruk - Prije 2 dana
So we’re just gonna ignore the fact that the thumbnail, it’s shows a mac laptop, but in the video it’s a Razer laptop...
Zacc __Beerus__
Zacc __Beerus__ - Prije 15 sati
It's not that big of a deal but i didn't realise till I saw ur comment πŸ˜‚
Texting stories by The King
Bruh 19:04 made me cringe extremely hard
Dang - Prije 2 dana
13:39 funniest bit
Baron Kemble
Baron Kemble - Prije 2 dana
make this the most liked comment on youtube!
Sam Rubin
Sam Rubin - Prije 2 dana
This is so funny I always watch these videos when I’m depressed
Gijs Vermunt
Gijs Vermunt - Prije 2 dana
11:11 fans from harry :3
Daljit Kaur
Daljit Kaur - Prije 2 dana
This is hilarious πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Saishankar Kumar
Saishankar Kumar - Prije 2 dana
Did anyone notice they changed the brand name of the laptop in the thumbnail?
Infizy - Prije 2 dana
the guy with black beard (not the thick eyebrows) looks like drake
the guy with blue hoodie looks like niall horran
the guy with white shirt (thick eyebrows) almost looks like faze rug
the guy with white socks and black skin looks like lil nax
the guy with yellow shirt at the back looks like sideman meme (same person i guess)

JJ looks like
Brooke Sikora
Brooke Sikora - Prije 2 dana
can we just appreciate how they spelled Viddal's name wrong? and Viddal himself said people spell it wrong, but I expected better from the boys
Gamerboy 8109
Gamerboy 8109 - Prije 2 dana
When JJ said hanger I thought he said handgun
Daniel Rodney
Daniel Rodney - Prije 2 dana
Josh's face when he got caught on the pegging question said a lot xD
Widaa - Prije 2 dana
So no one is going to talk about KSI's pants?
PLASMA X - Prije 2 dana
A woooodan steick
PLASMA X - Prije 2 dana
WOW JJ is soooooo funny
Navjot Mangat
Navjot Mangat - Prije 2 dana
Who else noticed JJ wasn’t wearing trousers πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Earthworm _Sally
Earthworm _Sally - Prije 2 dana
Helloh if are theyh liarsssss
Abbey Cameron
Abbey Cameron - Prije 2 dana
am I slow or do I not get the viks girlfriend question...?
Aiden Tillery
Aiden Tillery - Prije 2 dana
JJ needs to be in some sort of movie playing an African shop keeper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Lavine2K - Prije 2 dana
Hi is to funny
Griffin Door
Griffin Door - Prije 2 dana
Harry got done from behind confirmed
invallide - Prije 2 dana
does anyone ever gte hit at all in this video
OfficialZyox - Prije 2 dana
Why did josh get the gross questions?

Tobi josh's best friend :(
Theo Calvin
Theo Calvin - Prije 3 dana
chding zuure
chding zuure - Prije 2 dana
13:40 why do i get feeling that hes not lying
Mysterious - Prije 3 dana
chding zuure
chding zuure - Prije 2 dana
I just realized after watching this the 4th time,JJ has no pants onπŸ’€24:30
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Zerkaa looks like this: