Our Married Morning Routine♡

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Hi guys! Welcome to Vlogmas day 4! In this video, Mel and I will be showing you guys our married morning routine! Check out the Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base here! bbrwn.co/2UrBojO
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Our Coffee Machine: go.magik.ly/ml/siz1/
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Songs Used:
Music by ninjoi. - Femina - thmatc.co/?l=98AA4ED
Music by Ryan Little - 70s TV - thmatc.co/?l=CC87332C
Music by Mr. Chase - Hibiscus - thmatc.co/?l=B4F17784
Music by ninjoi. - Caffeine - thmatc.co/?l=FE8AB3BA
Music by Ryan Little - after the rain. - thmatc.co/?l=B5821619
Music by ninjoi. - Acceptance - thmatc.co/?l=B8AA703
Music by ninjoi. - Castle in My Mind - thmatc.co/?l=968BDDC3

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Sue Simmons
Sue Simmons - Prije dan
Mukkaram Shareef
Mukkaram Shareef - Prije 12 dana
Please help dear iam from india you help some money
media mora
media mora - Prije 13 dana
I like your vlog.....myself saima from india
Feriel Aouissi
Feriel Aouissi - Prije 13 dana
جزائرية algerienne
Syeda Arshiya
Syeda Arshiya - Prije 15 dana
Hiiiiiii!!😄😄😄😄😄beautiful n perfect lovely couple. ...my god u r sooooo glamorous lvu both god bless u and ur comg sweet little ummuuahh. ..lv frm Bahrain ❤❤❤
Sound Fitness
Sound Fitness - Prije 15 dana
oh great....Beautiful Couple....I love your videos
Love from Sound Fitness Pakistan
Kiran Zaman Yousuf
Kiran Zaman Yousuf - Prije 15 dana
ill buy my next semesters medical books
Beryl Harris
Beryl Harris - Prije 16 dana
I always wanted a Aldo handbag,and this $100 will do just that
Khadija. Laiwad
Khadija. Laiwad - Prije 17 dana
The lotion that you had use it can the teenager use it
السيدة القاضية
السيدة القاضية - Prije 20 dana
So cute ❤❤
maryam Sawaneh
maryam Sawaneh - Prije 23 dana
I’m getting married soon so gona buy skincare/hygiene products
Youngmoney - Prije 26 dana
omg shes gorge
Shsh's Also
Shsh's Also - Prije mjesec
rawan - Prije mjesec
what is your problem with showering??
Jeni Tapia
Jeni Tapia - Prije mjesec
IG: Jenitpia
If I won $100. I’d get some FENTY UNDERWEAR for my mom on Valentines Day. ❤️ She’s a single queen that needs spoiling.
Nathaly Sierra
Nathaly Sierra - Prije mjesec
Love the both of you on voice over! Fav couple fr b smiling watching you guys lots of love ❤️
hasti - Prije mjesec
Nazanin, where are you from originally?
Are you Persian?
Kate Katerina
Kate Katerina - Prije mjesec
I am saving to go visit my boyfriend sooo that could be helpful
Teal levi
Teal levi - Prije mjesec
Her smile she's beautiful
samanthasoccerstar - Prije mjesec
Ig: Sam10rtiz — I would use the money when I go abroad to Spain.
Lottie Dosanjh
Lottie Dosanjh - Prije mjesec
@gemini_style_ and to buy clothes to continue to grow my fashion Insta 🤩
G Beautyyy
G Beautyyy - Prije mjesec
I am binge watching all your videos trying to catch up ♥️
Fiona Kopowka
Fiona Kopowka - Prije mjesec
IG: @fiokpk
I would definitely go shopping! I saw a cool jacket i really liked the other day but I didn't get it, so I would probably get that!! Thanks for doing this :)
Tímea Takáčová
Tímea Takáčová - Prije mjesec
IG: timenelka
I would give it to my mom, unfortenetly she's a cancer patient so nowdays she's just home and does not earn money .. I'm a medical student so, i dont have any to help...i Wish i could by her health 🍀 greeting from Slovakia ❤️
Keiry Nuñez
Keiry Nuñez - Prije mjesec
$100, because I need some new hoodies , mine are dusty
Lia Canizales
Lia Canizales - Prije mjesec
Ig: liaa.yc
Get my license!!! im 18 with no permit 😭
Kimberly A
Kimberly A - Prije mjesec
IG: _kimye_1
I would put it towards saving for post graduation
Azia Zhane
Azia Zhane - Prije mjesec
IG: azia_zhane
I'm going to use the $100 to invest into my family and I body butter and skin care line business! This all started because I wanted to know exactly what was going into my baby's skin care products. Knowing that the skin is the biggest organ of our bodies and whatever we put on it also goes into the blood stream. I wanted to make sure these products are nourishing her skin and also her body within so I started making her soap and body butter. It's my dream to make our homeade hair and skincare line for other families and babies out there!
Brianna Bent
Brianna Bent - Prije mjesec
Ig : brianna_bent
Would use the money to start a lash business in Jamaica
Tina Emini
Tina Emini - Prije mjesec
why can’t see love in this guy🤔 is it just me or what 🙇🏻‍♀️
Mahlogonolo Sibia
Mahlogonolo Sibia - Prije mjesec
I'm gonna buy a camera with the 100 dollars , create memories 💜 ig : mahlogonolo_sibia
Sammantha Dalton
Sammantha Dalton - Prije 2 mjeseci
i would use the money to buy my little sis a nice ring for christmas :)
love u naz
Liza Salih
Liza Salih - Prije 2 mjeseci
I would buy food and clothes 😂
Takwa Musleh
Takwa Musleh - Prije 2 mjeseci
Ig :titicosmeticss
I wanna buy my sister some shoess so this would help out w tht loll sorry mel she does all the flexin not me haha
Kazandra Garcia
Kazandra Garcia - Prije 2 mjeseci
Instagram: kazandragarciaa 🥰
Flex the $100 on 2 pairs of vans 🤪
Aibhilin Babe
Aibhilin Babe - Prije 2 mjeseci

Imma spoil myself buy me some new clothes for the new year cause 2020 is the yearr
Hey it’s Gabby!!!!
Hey it’s Gabby!!!! - Prije 2 mjeseci
I love you guys and I would love the $100 because I want to do something nice for my mom and grandma ❤️🥰💕 @itsgabby0616 I subscribed and have post notifications on and I liked the video 😘
Ahmed Murad
Ahmed Murad - Prije 2 mjeseci
weird cpl a mismatch
Weva Muha
Weva Muha - Prije 2 mjeseci
حلوين 💋☹️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Amina - Prije 2 mjeseci
Ig: aammiinnaattaaa
Would buy myself some shoes cause ya girl love shoes
Jessica Bognar
Jessica Bognar - Prije 2 mjeseci
Such a power couple, love that you two work together!
yasmine elmoselhi
yasmine elmoselhi - Prije 2 mjeseci
I'm definitely gonna spend it on getting the all-black airforce 1s
Also, the doggo bowls are so cute, we got the same tall ones from winners for our dog and love it
Marissa Jimenez
Marissa Jimenez - Prije 2 mjeseci
Instagram: jimenezmarissaaa
Honestly if I had an extra 100 dollars ima use it towards my shark diving trip that I surprised for my man for his bday!😂 pray for me y’all January 3rd is going down... literally lmao. Sending everyone love from the MIA 🌴🌞❤️ love you naz and Mel!
Marissa Jimenez
Marissa Jimenez - Prije 2 mjeseci
Ig: jimenezmarissaa** LMAO don’t even know my own@🤦🏻‍♀️😂
Jaspriya - Prije 2 mjeseci
ig: jaspriyaseehra
id spend the $100 on a pair of workout shoes as the ones i currently have been giving me ankle/feet issues! 😥

btw i loved how you guys edited this video! 💖
Miss Amisha
Miss Amisha - Prije 2 mjeseci
IG: artbymish

I want to buy my momma a really nice Christmas present
Hadassah Immanuel
Hadassah Immanuel - Prije 2 mjeseci
Too cute !
Maya Dunn
Maya Dunn - Prije 2 mjeseci
Where are your sheets from? They look nice 😍
Peggy Sue
Peggy Sue - Prije 2 mjeseci
I really want to buy my mom a present for Christmas she deserves the best and I want to surprise her love u guys greetings from greece 🇬🇷❤❤❤❤
DutchMoroccanInDubai - Prije 2 mjeseci
Why don’t u shower?????
Ashley M
Ashley M - Prije 2 mjeseci
i’m getting makeup i’ve been wanting for too long 😁
Nillab Hassan
Nillab Hassan - Prije 2 mjeseci
@nilh15 I am going to spend it on my nephews and niece first christmas at my place! :) They have never come to our home for christmas :D
Daniela Ramirez
Daniela Ramirez - Prije 2 mjeseci
Insta: @yungxdani
Imma use the $100 to buy myself a well deserved massage and get my nails done🥳 it’s been a long 1st semester of college! & i LOVE yall! your relationship seems so great!💕
Caroline Terry
Caroline Terry - Prije 2 mjeseci
IG: tooturntcarol
If I had an extra $100 it would definitely go towards an air bnb for me and my mans this Christmas.
Elizabeth Silva
Elizabeth Silva - Prije 2 mjeseci
I’d use it for the chiropractor 😂😂😂 23 feeling like I’m 70 but too scared to go on my own 😂😂
Precious Roberts
Precious Roberts - Prije 2 mjeseci
Ig: ___Prettyyp (3_’s)
I would buy me some more makeup and clothes
kay - Prije 2 mjeseci
ig: karena1458
if I won, I would use it towards my new rims & tires on my truck! I love my truck and my dream is to just lift it and be a big show truck and I need the new rims and tires, ive been trying to save though! so yeah thats what I would use it towards!! ❤️ love yall.
abijah xo
abijah xo - Prije 2 mjeseci
IG: abbyxkb
I’ve been saving up to redecorate my room and my budget is $300 so the money would cover a big chunk of my room decor 😂
Tatiana Padilla
Tatiana Padilla - Prije 2 mjeseci
IG: tatiana_padilla

I would put the money towards buying one of your new watches!! congrats love the design
anelid hernandez
anelid hernandez - Prije 2 mjeseci
Ig: anelidh
If I had had an appointment extra 100 I’d spend it on my daughter and take her out on a little spa day and just make sure she’s having fun
Ashley Augustin
Ashley Augustin - Prije 2 mjeseci
Ig: _onlyashley
To go towards new clothes to look fresh for the spring semester lmaoo