Man Saves Frozen Bird Stuck To Fence

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Nick Angelucci
Nick Angelucci - Prije 11 dana
Me: mom can we get some snacks
My mom: we have snacks at the house

Snacks at the house: 0:59
Mark Lucas
Mark Lucas - Prije 2 sati
Earth is flat
Dursh Tuber
Dursh Tuber - Prije 2 dana
Lol hack
Harper Evers
Harper Evers - Prije 3 dana
Destiny - Prije 3 dana
Legend says the mans breath was stinky hot😭
Ayesha Saher
Ayesha Saher - Prije 4 dana
Lol 😂
Coach in you life
Coach in you life - Prije 34 minuta
saroj gurung
saroj gurung - Prije 40 minuta
3:00 where can I find that
ru syaidi
ru syaidi - Prije 49 minuta
1:56 i see tanjiro
Unity 彡 Gamer
Unity 彡 Gamer - Prije 58 minuta
2:25 can that person write my journal 😅
MMIX - Prije sat
*breaks the birds legs*
Kit-San - Prije 2 sati
2:55 Yo, where can I get a insence burner like that?
Kate Castaneda
Kate Castaneda - Prije 2 sati
1:50 mah dude has a tanjiro poster :0
mekayl allyene
mekayl allyene - Prije 3 sati
0:46 something happened to me like that except before I threw it a seagull came and bit my hand until I let go of the fish... I’m scaredof sea world now
Mr Thunder
Mr Thunder - Prije 3 sati
Me at the grocery store deciding what bag of chips to get 1:04
Ceasage Gaming
Ceasage Gaming - Prije 5 sati
Not being offensive just a question is that how you normally speak?
Zoe Erica
Zoe Erica - Prije 6 sati
Human: Decides microwaving cheetos is normal
Zeus: Smacks cheeto bag
steckaman - Prije 6 sati
"Micro"wave... now i get it...
Chxrm - Prije 7 sati
That dog is so ugly
KYJI - Prije 7 sati
That mans a hero
Ankjok Ming
Ankjok Ming - Prije 7 sati
The part of the camera being stable showing the earth rotating is
Milky Owl
Milky Owl - Prije 8 sati
I'm remembering back to when one of my teachers and friend was talking about how our writing correlates to how we draw and I'm wondering (if that person draws) her style is as neat as her handwriting
firstname lastname
firstname lastname - Prije 9 sati
Stop talking like a creep
kitty gamer
kitty gamer - Prije 9 sati
Ayyub SM
Ayyub SM - Prije 10 sati
Guy: blows hot breath on my feet. Me as the bird:
Ill just stay stuck thank you
Mr. Ant
Mr. Ant - Prije 10 sati
Flat earth era: It’s the camera that’s moving!
The stars in the background:
xXLucasXx ;-;
xXLucasXx ;-; - Prije 10 sati
You always make my day
Lloyd Nicholas
Lloyd Nicholas - Prije 10 sati
ur voice silly
Lilian Vuong
Lilian Vuong - Prije 11 sati
I love how you put your thumbnails in the beginning of your videos
Duncan Donuts
Duncan Donuts - Prije 11 sati
No one
The demogorgon
Cameron Hadley
Cameron Hadley - Prije 11 sati
0:48 that’s at seaworld. They do that all the f*cking time!
Tempest Teller
Tempest Teller - Prije 13 sati
I do wish my handwriting was as nice and quick as that. So far my handwriting can be compared to the US Constitution except it was only the signatures.
Pfsif - Prije 13 sati
Ashton Grist
Ashton Grist - Prije 14 sati
The video @2:42 is in 3d if you cover one of your eyes with a darkened lense ie sunglasses
LionHearted Swordsman
LionHearted Swordsman - Prije 16 sati
Old college acquaintance of mine had handwriting that everyone swore was written using a typewriter because of its perfection.
DreadYT - Prije 16 sati
No Face
No Face - Prije 17 sati
Just writing the intro phrase took them a long time (had to be fast forwarded), this is not viable for actual note taking you’d have to transcribe it from a recording or faster messier notes (which is a waste of time imo).
Beautiful handwriting is a competitive hobby and I’ve seen many write more beautiful than that. If that was how they wrote normally at regular note taking speeds then I’d be impressed to no end, but as it stands it’s just pretty good.
Oktalon Szórádi
Oktalon Szórádi - Prije 17 sati
2:02 I am jealous.
RoxyMonarchy - Prije 17 sati
1:50 - 2:01 boi o see Tanjiro Kamado in the back ground
jjmonman - Prije 18 sati
The bird sounded like it tweeted "thank you" as it flew away...awe.
BigCheese Gaming
BigCheese Gaming - Prije 19 sati
Can we take the time to appreciate the fact that these are one of the rare YouTube channels that don’t have clickbait titles
KJN Andus
KJN Andus - Prije 21 sat
Its a shrinking device!! 0:55
Crazy Coconut
Crazy Coconut - Prije 22 sati
1:25 it's either he turned the camera or its a animation
The Vision Alpha Legend
The Vision Alpha Legend - Prije 23 sati
1:36 earth is not flat
Dakila Lozano
Dakila Lozano - Prije 23 sati
man saves his dinner
Man - Prije 23 sati
Free food for the winter
1:29 flat earther left the fvcking earth
Medithi Weerakoon
Medithi Weerakoon - Prije dan
i see a demon slayer poster 1:57
Commit ToasterFork
Commit ToasterFork - Prije dan
The dislikes are all the birds still stuck
Jelke H
Jelke H - Prije dan
Who else wants to live where ever that last video was shot?
Madskill Fob
Madskill Fob - Prije dan
What happens if he ripped off the leg of the bird😂😂😯😯
Luigi Badjing
Luigi Badjing - Prije dan
1:02 me when we have math test
T gmail
T gmail - Prije dan
if I had handwriting like that, I would love school
Ud hay
Ud hay - Prije dan
@2:10 Every doctor in the world: *Quivers in Medicine*
Extreme Bass Boosted Songs
I always thought you said “glitter” at the end lol
fuy tr
fuy tr - Prije dan
2:03 what a handwriting omg😱😱😱
AND jaa99
AND jaa99 - Prije dan
2:13 Can someone tells me where I can find that notebook in Malaysia?
Quvvy - Prije dan
The Green Lizard
The Green Lizard - Prije dan
Legends say he’s still looking for the right pee..
Robinartson XoX
Robinartson XoX - Prije dan
1:24 Checkmate flatearth society
TheJennaGames - Prije dan
i see a demon slayer poster in the background :0
TheJennaGames - Prije 12 sati
Quvvy i do?
Quvvy - Prije dan
ok congratulations you have eyes
Taj Sala
Taj Sala - Prije dan
Hot breath could heat me food
MR. Negrete
MR. Negrete - Prije dan
Laughs in Doctor*
Calvin Fabro
Calvin Fabro - Prije dan
This video so *nice* I had to play it -twice- *multiple times*
justin case
justin case - Prije dan
that school perfection writing is almost always connected to some sexual perversion.
Wutzmyname Mike
Wutzmyname Mike - Prije dan
1:36 absolutely PROVES THE EARTH IS FLAT.....or round?