Indignant Pope Francis slaps woman's hand to free himself at New Year's Eve gathering

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A visibly annoyed Pope Francis had to pull himself away from a woman in a crowd in St Peter's Square on New Year's Ever after she grabbed his hand and yanked him towards her. Pope Francis was walking through the square and greeting pilgrims. After reaching out to greet a child, the pope turned away from the crowd only for a nearby woman to seize his hand and pull her towards him. The abrupt gesture appeared to cause him pain and Francis slapped swiftly slapped at her hand before pulling his hand free
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Pope Francis apologises after slapping woman's hand ►
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Guardian News
Guardian News - Prije 15 dana
Pope Francis apologises after slapping woman's hand ►
Poor Man's Outdoors.
Poor Man's Outdoors. - Prije dan
@Charles Hardaway BS
Amon Zielonek
Amon Zielonek - Prije sat
...As the mask falls!!!
Rajesh ch
Rajesh ch - Prije sat
If a man grabbed a woman's hand like that and she slapped him she would have became the face of pseudo feminism.
Rico - Prije 2 sati
what did she think of the pope is? a teenager?
 - Prije 3 sati
Some pope...
God - Prije 7 sati
He shoulnt pull Pope Francis... If i was pope i will punch the girl in the nose.
MEL PASSION - Prije 8 sati
This lady simply want to say something ....THE POPE SHOULD LISTEN INSTEAD OF SLAPPING HER HANDS !!!!
Machina_Dom - Prije 12 sati
He’s old, what did you expect? For him to be a standing tower? The Pope acted on how his reflexes signaled.
OLD BAY - Prije 15 sati
She wanted the big AMEN and a communion wafer.....
FSATAK PC - Prije 15 sati
she lucky there was no thunder cross split attack
Once Teudongi
Once Teudongi - Prije 17 sati
Pope showed his true colours
Diari's Diary
Diari's Diary - Prije 17 sati
Why destroy their faith? Why destroy the Chinese? [Look for] the Chinese [feelings]. [Talk] to me!
Anna H
Anna H - Prije 18 sati
Pope St. John Paul II never lost his temper like that... He got nearly knocked down many times by the crowd and he always remained calm and collected. Well, no wonder he's a saint...
Joe Mysic
Joe Mysic - Prije 19 sati
this was... cute? lmao i cant stop laughing at the way she dragged him and his reprimending facial features 😂😂😂😂
Skye Moon
Skye Moon - Prije 20 sati
Women need to be held accountable, what she did what not okay at all. At the same time, knowing how the Pope is, he was just caught off guard and clearly did not mean to react that way.
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr - Prije 18 sati
let this be the first step to understand that no one or nothing is either holy or divine.
Angry Mob of Midgets idk
Angry Mob of Midgets idk - Prije 22 sati
King of the Pedophiles.
diungy alisnr
diungy alisnr - Prije 18 sati
Francis Portillo
Francis Portillo - Prije dan
Many people bashing the woman without knowing why she do that? Maybe she really needed prayers.
vhinny - Prije dan
Chinese Chinese tsk tsk tsk!!!
Roland Palin
Roland Palin - Prije dan
Screw that Jesuit pos
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb - Prije dan
Dude imagine if he fell? He’s an older man like my goodness
nao_ - Prije dan
anyone knows what she said?
0:24 my face when a taxi refuses to give me a ride.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb - Prije dan
kung sinipa ka,sobrang blessing
Ruthless CutThroat
Ruthless CutThroat - Prije dan
what in the hell os she saying?
Boats - Prije dan
Notice when they hand him a young child his eyes light up, just saying.
animal Tomato
animal Tomato - Prije dan
I think the Pope doesn't like being pulled
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - Prije dan
He owes no apology! The woman grabbed his hand, tugged him hard towards her, and wouldn't let go. He needed to drop kick her.
yusuke urameshi
yusuke urameshi - Prije 2 dana
It's cuz she's asian racist pope
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv - Prije dan
FckGoogle GoogleFck
FckGoogle GoogleFck - Prije 2 dana
He better get used to that cultural behavior/demeanor -- they will tear him to shreds, eh?
420 Marley
420 Marley - Prije 2 dana
Nothing new here, the pope just touching kids as usual
bodoy euir
bodoy euir - Prije 2 dana
Asian woman even American born take a lesson dont just grab people. Your whole female culture is so grabby
Bolshoi Booze
Bolshoi Booze - Prije 2 dana
*"Hippity hoppity, your hand is my property."*

bodoy euir
bodoy euir - Prije 2 dana
She is going to hell not his fault cuz he was being harassed
Kamel Labiad
Kamel Labiad - Prije 2 dana
This is the pope who promote peace and tolerance but he could not tolerate a Passionate overreacting fan 😂
- Tomahawk -
- Tomahawk - - Prije dan
So what is he supposed to let people grab him and do as they please? Wake up ya Gronk.
ClOwN HonK hOnK
ClOwN HonK hOnK - Prije 2 dana
Lmao why is he the pope if he can't confront things like this? I agree that what the women did was bad but after all the pope shouldn't have reacted like this and i know that people will say "he is just and old man" well yeah but he a public figure and public figures have to deal with this maturely (and most bc of his age)
IamALeaf - Prije 2 dana
_S L A P P_
nightmarecy - Prije 2 dana
let this be the first step to understand that no one or nothing is either holy or divine.
bodoy euir
bodoy euir - Prije 2 dana
Join the cult!
Fruity Pebbles
Fruity Pebbles - Prije 2 dana
“Love that chicken at popey’s”
Pierre Chang
Pierre Chang - Prije 2 dana
Turn the other cheek, you fool!.... the pope should read matthew 5:39.... what a disgrace!
IrishPotato86 - Prije 2 dana
He should be arrested for assault. You can't just hit someone because they want to hold your hand. Did anyone else see the hateful look on his face?! He hates asian people!
10011anthony - Prije 2 dana
sarap siguro masipa ng Dios ko day
10011anthony - Prije 2 dana
kung sinipa ka,sobrang blessing
10011anthony - Prije 2 dana
blessing yan
Popo Baba
Popo Baba - Prije 2 dana
This sort of reminds me of the time some guy in a crowd tried to kiss Will Smith, who slapped him in return.
Gabriela Rodrigues
Gabriela Rodrigues - Prije 2 dana
Odelin Serrano
Odelin Serrano - Prije 2 dana
He owes no apology! The woman grabbed his hand, tugged him hard towards her, and wouldn't let go. He needed to drop kick her.
Dr Krelzak The Destroyer Sr. XXI
She is going to hell not his fault cuz he was being harassed
Dr Krelzak The Destroyer Sr. XXI
- Tomahawk - well he was
- Tomahawk -
- Tomahawk - - Prije dan
Go away bot.
doin art
doin art - Prije 2 dana
Asian woman even American born take a lesson dont just grab people. Your whole female culture is so grabby
chaboomerz - Prije 2 dana
What was she saying?
Blaise 2067
Blaise 2067 - Prije 2 dana
If the Pope can get angry and then later claim to be only human, then people who struggle with lust should be able to do the same thing. Why do people sin sexually? Because they are only human.
Blaise 2067
Blaise 2067 - Prije dan
@Jazz Feline Lust and the "fight or flight" instinct Pope Francis exhibited here are both intrinsic to the human species. What this proves is that no matter how morally righteous a person tries to be, they are still human, and will still need God's mercy.
Jazz Feline
Jazz Feline - Prije dan
That's not an accurate comparison. Nobody is nearly getting their arm dislocated because of lustful temptation. He was in danger of being hurt, and reacted appropriately. You can see him calmly walking away, he only reacts to the woman when she refuses to let go.
She got the HOLY SLAPP!
Jaan Lausing
Jaan Lausing - Prije 3 dana
Join the cult!
IDO - Prije 3 dana
Pope looks away when he saw Chinese woman waiting to greet her. Racist Pope? or Pedo like Mo Mo?
drttyu liqm
drttyu liqm - Prije 2 dana
I think the pope was justified... That lady pulled him and he's an old man... It might have hurt him
Tommy - Prije 3 dana
One of lucifers frontmen in action
ratski robo
ratski robo - Prije 3 dana
I understand Pope Francis reaction but I pity and somehow condone with the woman as well. It might be that she has a serious problem and desperately wants the Popes blessing. Its admirable that Pope Francis really did apologize.
NoalMCPE - Prije 3 dana
For me, i think the woman needs something to tell about the pope that's why she pull pope francis arm,sometimes we should not critiisize people because we don't know the truth and for real for me what pope did It insults me bc he is a pope he should respect the woman and listen to her if it's really important,this is my opinion OKAY
Piyush R
Piyush R - Prije 3 dana
She pulled him, shes overwhelmed coz shes a fan. Notice her look at end, so heartbroken
ChoDuhMax - Prije 2 dana
She should be careful. The pope is old
Wally Waldo
Wally Waldo - Prije 3 dana
Typical korean. lack of respect
ChikiPaw - Prije 3 dana
Holy Slap
Spoders Yay
Spoders Yay - Prije 3 dana
Spoders Yay
Spoders Yay - Prije 3 dana
CruZezra - Prije 3 dana
I still praise the pope because not all people are perfect and not all of us lose our tempers
Damn Damn
Damn Damn - Prije 3 dana
I went here because of davie
George Brian
George Brian - Prije 3 dana
Just a typical Chinese...
Internet Dinosaur
Internet Dinosaur - Prije 3 dana
Y'all, he's a human