Indignant Pope Francis slaps woman's hand to free himself at New Year's Eve gathering

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A visibly annoyed Pope Francis had to pull himself away from a woman in a crowd in St Peter's Square on New Year's Ever after she grabbed his hand and yanked him towards her. Pope Francis was walking through the square and greeting pilgrims. After reaching out to greet a child, the pope turned away from the crowd only for a nearby woman to seize his hand and pull her towards him. The abrupt gesture appeared to cause him pain and Francis slapped swiftly slapped at her hand before pulling his hand free
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Pope Francis apologises after slapping woman's hand ►
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Guardian News
Guardian News - Prije mjesec
Pope Francis apologises after slapping woman's hand ►
Yun Do
Yun Do - Prije 12 dana
Guardian News Chinese again smh 🤦‍♂️
Midhun Radhakrishnan
Midhun Radhakrishnan - Prije 23 dana
Stab someone next time, then apologize😏 fkn ped0s
Joshua Waytenick
Joshua Waytenick - Prije 26 dana
She said Wuhan very big city and now the virus is out. Jesuit order???🤷🏻‍♂️
ovi - Prije 4 sati
Le parole nn uccidonno pero un fucile puo uccidere anche un papa 12
Ivan L
Ivan L - Prije 13 sati
Oh please he couldn't take a tug. Even if it hurt, if he gave a single fk about any of these people he'd politely say let go and seek medical attention. Lord knows they have the fking money. Most corrupt institution in this world
Maddog Basil
Maddog Basil - Prije dan
The Pope freed himself in 2020
Sounds biblical
Kiko E
Kiko E - Prije dan
Well he is human after all
SìMø Salim
SìMø Salim - Prije dan
Pope got CORONA
confirmed 😹
Anne Chesse
Anne Chesse - Prije dan
il a eut raison se n'est pas une idole c'est un être humain il transmet des valeurs pour les chrétiens en tant que responsable de la religion chrétienne il montre stop a idolâtrie
m1ghtysauc3 - Prije 2 dana
Woman: “Men can’t just grab me.”
Bessy Najera
Bessy Najera - Prije 3 dana
I think she tickle his palm 🙈🙈
Adolfo Garcia
Adolfo Garcia - Prije 3 dana
The Meme Guy
The Meme Guy - Prije 3 dana
Bruh, I thought that the Pope did an NFL Quarterback and actually slapped her in the face while saying "Imma slap the holiness outta you."
ciociaro irrequiete
ciociaro irrequiete - Prije 3 dana
how can he slap???? HOW CAN HE SLAP HER?????? HOW CAN HE SLAP?????????
Tempura Adamson
Tempura Adamson - Prije 3 dana
Notice how he only touches CHILDREN.
Iain Rae
Iain Rae - Prije 4 dana
Brilliant, a few hundred watch you tube clips of tedious speeches from the balcony, yet millions watch his holiness slap one of his flock.
100 Shots
100 Shots - Prije 4 dana
ILoveASMR andRelaxation:
ILoveASMR andRelaxation: - Prije 5 dana
Sometimes we must do what we must to keep things in order, but we should always be courteous of others, and like Pope Francis did after hitting the woman's hand by apologizing, we should always feel some remorse and apologize too even if we were not wrong. That shows courtesy and honesty.
Abigail Mortensen
Abigail Mortensen - Prije 5 dana
It wasn't even really a slap, it's more like what you're doing when you're chastising a child for doing something wrong. I'm in my 30's and I'd slap someone harder for that, trying to dislocate my shoulder and rip my arm off!
Axis Galaxis
Axis Galaxis - Prije 5 dana
The pope was aware of the coronavirus?what was she asking?
Darrel Cute
Darrel Cute - Prije 5 dana
Other comments here is just like a Meme..
Non sense to talk
The act of that woman is so aggressive... Look at several minute.. Only that woman do Grabbing Pope hand agrresive..
All Seeing Lies
All Seeing Lies - Prije 5 dana
See the devil in him?
Apaulo Thegreat
Apaulo Thegreat - Prije 6 dana
The poop that's what I call him he is a mean person the woman should have box both sides his jaw and liver punch that old poop I wonder who's his hairdresser is nice find new seamstress dresses like some old woman
Andrew Charley
Andrew Charley - Prije 6 dana
‘Are you crazy woman, get off my hand!!!!!!!!!’pope.
Stefan Archetti
Stefan Archetti - Prije 6 dana
True colours eventually come out!
Clifford Abia
Clifford Abia - Prije 7 dana
gata negra
gata negra - Prije 7 dana
Not happy clappy but happy slappy
rob16248 - Prije 8 dana
No no, no! He does NOT want the corona virus!
Ha Thi Nguyen
Ha Thi Nguyen - Prije 4 dana
@rob16248 you literally just saud corona because she was asian. that is racist and ignorant.
rob16248 - Prije 5 dana
I wasn't being racist.
Ha Thi Nguyen
Ha Thi Nguyen - Prije 5 dana
No. Just no. This situation does NOT allow you to be racist.
Victoria - Prije 8 dana
Filipina woman pulled the pope too viciously
BoomMoob - Prije 9 dana
Plot twist: She was giving him the coronavirus
Tibor Magyar
Tibor Magyar - Prije 7 dana
oh you devil :D
nobody luley
nobody luley - Prije 9 dana
Pope gets raped...
*Waman most affected*
Robbani Punggawa Arcapada
Robbani Punggawa Arcapada - Prije 10 dana
emo Snow
emo Snow - Prije 10 dana
Are we really going to ignore the old woman next to her who immediately pulls out her phone 😂😂😂
Héctor F Traducciones
Héctor F Traducciones - Prije 10 dana
Indignant my balls, she deserved that
Myrddin Gwynedd
Myrddin Gwynedd - Prije 11 dana
Stupid woman.
Ibrahim MO
Ibrahim MO - Prije 11 dana
I knew she was the one who will pull his hand. She looks crazy.
Luke Skywalker
Luke Skywalker - Prije 11 dana
*Now Karma has given the Pope the coronavirus*
tkinnc1 - Prije 13 dana
Is she begging the pope for help for Wuhan city????
Karsten Schoenberg
Karsten Schoenberg - Prije 13 dana
I knew I wasn't the only one who didn't like it when people got grabby
Mac attack zach
Mac attack zach - Prije 13 dana
He doesn't want to get that Corona virus
D. Brown
D. Brown - Prije 14 dana
My, wasn't he a little grumpy.
eikelpei egghead
eikelpei egghead - Prije 14 dana
Hey guys there are starving kids in africa
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden - Prije 14 dana
Maybe we should just stop treating other humans like they are anything but that. Just a thought.
Tonito Reyes
Tonito Reyes - Prije 14 dana
2 Sm 24:2, 9-17
Alnoneh Link
Alnoneh Link - Prije 15 dana
Iloved it pipo learn to respect others hw could u just grab someones hand just like athef so sad en rude
H J - Prije 15 dana
Let’s not make an excuse for the pope. I think many saw this as an act of aggression, not so much a self defence. “Raising your hand to slap someone, whether a child or grown woman, is never a minor thing.”
Vergie vergie
Vergie vergie - Prije 15 dana
Pope Benedict ubducted by a woman during His humily in Vatican and yet he remain humble but this pope Francis hergoglio is so furious
Deweythesecond - Prije 15 dana
What did she say?
ciper metrin
ciper metrin - Prije 15 dana
Ladies and gentlemen...Chinese people'd understanding of Christian behaviour
Cookiegirlgaming - Prije 16 dana
Ronald Anthony L. Alcorano
Ronald Anthony L. Alcorano - Prije 16 dana
For those who think that the pope is infallible, you need to think again now.
jay allman
jay allman - Prije 16 dana
She goes to hell
Jiyeon Kim
Jiyeon Kim - Prije 17 dana
Its Chinese!!!!
Noora Mohamed
Noora Mohamed - Prije 17 dana
"pull her towards him"????
Bosss Pansss
Bosss Pansss - Prije 17 dana
Chinese are Aussies. Rude and loud. European Americans are pretty loud too and feel pretty invoncible in other countries.
Bosss Pansss
Bosss Pansss - Prije 17 dana
Crazy woman . Baga shazu
king Ra
king Ra - Prije 17 dana
Can tell the pope trying to ignore her, I dont know why people are worshiping These demons !!
Toma Hawkss
Toma Hawkss - Prije 17 dana
This woman from Wuhan
Hakan tosun
Hakan tosun - Prije 17 dana
She was from Wuhan-serious
Joseph Banet
Joseph Banet - Prije 17 dana
I dont blame Pope Francis, I don’t like my arm being yanked either. She almost pulled him down.
ö. t.
ö. t. - Prije 17 dana
The woman is from Wuhan. Search for it
Phantom 58
Phantom 58 - Prije 17 dana
you we're infected with Coronavirus 0:19 rip Pope