I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss, I Did The Job Boss

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Yeetus Patronus
Yeetus Patronus - Prije 4 sati
Hey b0ss
Ragu San
Ragu San - Prije 5 sati
Hanin Hassan
Hanin Hassan - Prije 5 sati
yzo yusuf
yzo yusuf - Prije 5 sati
Sıradan adam yapmıştı bile
murderbits - Prije 6 sati
Clown - Prije 7 sati
The title was touched by GER
Ramon Guela
Ramon Guela - Prije 7 sati
Bag of cHips
Bag of cHips - Prije 10 sati
hi felix your the first video im watching after i told my crush i liked him
Aramis Sustaita
Aramis Sustaita - Prije 10 sati
His thumbnail should have just been a white screen that says, "Thumbnail goes here."
Jay The Mello Jello
Jay The Mello Jello - Prije 10 sati
I had auto play running so when Felix kept saying Boss I legit got so confused and looked at the title of the video lmao
MrCuteAssCat - Prije 11 sati
ParaDz 1
ParaDz 1 - Prije 11 sati
Hey b0ss, I lost it at cones.
Obese Scav
Obese Scav - Prije 12 sati
I've actually never hate a pewdiepie video before this one
Monduardo Memestar
Monduardo Memestar - Prije 12 sati
When he said "hows it goin bros my name is pewdiepie" i felt that (I'm aware i'm a week late)
Oleg Petrushov
Oleg Petrushov - Prije 12 sati
What is the Reddit page is it?
Frodoman - Prije 12 sati
What if construction workers have some kind of hidden message in these things they're doing, or are silently protesting conditions in their workplace? Or both?
Jacob kerr
Jacob kerr - Prije 12 sati
I did the job boss. I did the job, boss. I did the, job boss. I did, the job boss. I, did the job boss.
Tats Arc
Tats Arc - Prije 18 sati
Perry the platypus
Kivvx - Prije 20 sati
i left a comment boss
Zayan Studios
Zayan Studios - Prije 20 sati
Perry the platypus at 7:35
STORM ART - Prije 22 sati
I did the job boss
Gave the costumer
Some sauce boss
How much?you ask boss?
Just a drop boss.
Now give me my money boss.
Immediately receives a boot in his roots.
Introvertintensified - Prije 22 sati
I keep laughing with pewds when he lost it saying 'boss' in every post
Felix Antonello
Felix Antonello - Prije 22 sati
Watched your video boss
Toodle Tots
Toodle Tots - Prije 23 sati
11:40 I guess you could say Jeff went ham, boss
Gravity Falls Geek
Gravity Falls Geek - Prije 23 sati
Petition for Pewdiepie to review Hold my Cosmo (HMC) subreddit!!
Michael Mcgill
Michael Mcgill - Prije 23 sati
Pewds: *not american* actaually European
Also pewds: SoCcER
thienan nguyen
thienan nguyen - Prije dan
Fantom Phoenix
Fantom Phoenix - Prije dan
That floor moulding made me cringe.
Youtube Commentator
Youtube Commentator - Prije dan
A happy millionaire dude reading stupid shit on the Internet for illiterates that can not read for themselves?
Beepbeep I'm a sheep
Beepbeep I'm a sheep - Prije dan
That was a big pothole tho
shakeel mongut
shakeel mongut - Prije dan
shakeel mongut
shakeel mongut - Prije dan
Wosty - Prije dan
Does Sive always replies with _30 Grand Boss!_ when Felix says *🙃 Video?*
Hilda LohGuan
Hilda LohGuan - Prije dan
My son loves his videos
Мохаммад д
Мохаммад д - Prije dan
7:35 I will pretend I did not see this (on edgar)
Gergyesi - Prije dan
2:10 Snus😎
Unbearable Suffering
Unbearable Suffering - Prije dan
Felix is a full on weeaboo at this point
Darius Fetescu
Darius Fetescu - Prije dan
This is the way I am doing homework
Retarded Penguin
Retarded Penguin - Prije dan
If you sit upstairs can you still be floor gang
• etsiA •
• etsiA • - Prije dan
Doppio be like while talking on the frog phone:
BreadDinner - Prije dan
alexandre j
alexandre j - Prije dan
7:44 what its like to write while having tremors
Noah Coto
Noah Coto - Prije dan
This ain’t meant to be mean but I think he should just quit yt and live his life
Gulabbhai Lad
Gulabbhai Lad - Prije dan
Lukkha, pagal, buttha, tatti admi , 💩💩💩 u are a part of shit 😡😡
Priscilla Tannagan
Priscilla Tannagan - Prije dan
This is all I could say to this whole video....

nobody cares
nobody cares - Prije dan
PewDiePie: that's why I love Japan
Also PewDiePie: well, it comes with it's pros and cons.
Me: **laughs in home invasion and theft**
Vasilis Mouskos
Vasilis Mouskos - Prije dan
Big fan
Ash Boytim
Ash Boytim - Prije dan
If you think about it... one day... felix will be too old to continue on and will be forced to do a meme review, but his life version 😣 F's in the chat pls
Medic Main
Medic Main - Prije dan
Dislike pewdiepies video!
Did the job boss
Mattis Jackas
Mattis Jackas - Prije dan
Varför låter det weird när du pratar svenska, hört på dig i snart 10 år.. Awsome video
Mad Videos
Mad Videos - Prije dan
You had one job. ONE FREAKING JOB...
Ebrius - Prije dan
Not the adventure line.
Stanley, what did you do? Why is it here again? Just don't look at it.
Kolby Schimbeck
Kolby Schimbeck - Prije dan
Drinking game: drink every time pewds says boss
Robert King
Robert King - Prije dan
anyone notice that the button to the stairs is for people with no arms?
not legs
Son of A Dead Meme
Son of A Dead Meme - Prije dan
11:33 those who look at my Shitty, inactive channel would know this is how I would fix things.
Son of A Dead Meme
Son of A Dead Meme - Prije dan
There was a clock at my school where the seconds hand was missing and it would rewind every 10 minutes sharp.
123JakeyB - Prije dan
when your name is *j* acob
Jax Morris
Jax Morris - Prije dan
I havada da cancer bossp
MrPewds9000 - Prije dan
brEAkiNg neWs: PewDiePie laughs at disabled people
SpartanUruk - Prije dan
Holy shit I went to the univerity of central lancashire in Preston haha, UCLAN for short, great university I just graduated in 2018 ^^
Cam Burns
Cam Burns - Prije dan
Please play submautica again 😔
plsdontdoit - Prije dan
What does the thumbnail mean
Turd Bob
Turd Bob - Prije dan
The kids locked in my basement stole my pizza rolls
Turd Bob
Turd Bob - Prije dan
Animalive Avocado
Animalive Avocado - Prije dan
Can you guys tell him about the new business tactics were people pay others to make memes about them in order to become popular which just influences bad content? This has to be addressed because I am starting to see more and more unfunny creators forcing themselves unto the content plateform in order to become the next millionaire :/ which just ruins things for everyone because we will start seeing nothing but copy and paste memes that does not have any creativity whatsoever
Thank you.
Karolina P
Karolina P - Prije dan
I don't think I've ever laughed so hard on a YouTube video
Quadra Quentine
Quadra Quentine - Prije dan
Ngl...i like the video boss
Lance Atwood
Lance Atwood - Prije dan
Pewds can you play minecraft dungeons?
Cory Thurston
Cory Thurston - Prije dan
8:06 When Felix decides to put a chimney on his Minecraft house.
sans boi
sans boi - Prije dan
0:11 i make a cameo there
Profix274 - Prije dan
7:34 is the number, where history was born, but probably your sister didn´t catch on
Gideon - Prije dan
I liked the video, boss.
Naomi Pokémon trainer!
Me: why are all the comments meme still me: making a memes out of myself
Deborah Hall
Deborah Hall - Prije dan
Oof that was hard to watch.
Ye Bøi21
Ye Bøi21 - Prije dan
7:34 bruh lol
Travel Along
Travel Along - Prije dan
Inspired by pewdiepie and being his recent subscriber, I am trying to take youtube seriously in the quarantine time.. My channel is not a gaming .. i am not a boy.. i am not using click bait .. but I am floor gang 😎
Leftover Enchilada
Leftover Enchilada - Prije dan
9:56 They probably put it up without the blades of the fan and was just like "fuck it"
James S
James S - Prije dan
there were 6 bananas!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Valtteri Väljä
Valtteri Väljä - Prije dan
7:32 pillow spotted🧐
Абвр Гллджы
Абвр Гллджы - Prije dan