How To Make McDonald's Chicken McNuggets

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Today I show you how to make McDonald's Chicken Nuggets at home. The top secret McNugget recipe has recently been leaked online. They are incredibly easy to make! They taste and look identical to the ones you can purchase at McDonald's. Simply follow the step by step instructions! Enjoy!
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Cookie GamingYT
Cookie GamingYT - Prije 11 sati
Rainy _Vibez
Rainy _Vibez - Prije 11 sati
when the chicken can wash it’s hands better than some people during this pandemic:
Roseii - Prije 12 sati
Maybe make a video on how to deal will hate comments
SamShort - Prije 14 sati
theres a pandemic going on right now, and no wonder i cant find any fucking eggs
Desti's World
Desti's World - Prije 17 sati
What the hell did I just watch🥴😂
Nhyira Michelle Ofori
Nhyira Michelle Ofori - Prije 18 sati
Nhyira Michelle Ofori
Nhyira Michelle Ofori - Prije 18 sati
BB-10 - Prije 19 sati
Hi this is mick Donald’s speaking
Hi may I have chicken nuggets
how to basic *grunts and smiles*
Darth Baleout III
Darth Baleout III - Prije 19 sati
Jenni McGuire
Jenni McGuire - Prije 20 sati
Yum! Thanks HowToBasic! This is my new favourite recipe!!!
JustNade - Prije 20 sati
This channel is the definition of unsatisfying
Najma Tutorials
Najma Tutorials - Prije 20 sati
Shame for wasting so much of food which could of otherwise filled stomachs of many kids n people starving of poverty 😞
Ehre genommen Jerry genommen
My mum wanted to do chicken nuggets so she clicked on this video....
《Lone wolf》
《Lone wolf》 - Prije 21 sat
How to make McDonald's chicken nuggets--

*uses McDonald's chicken nuggets*
SwissSauce - Prije 23 sati
What if HTB actually has a legit cooking channel on YouTube where he does all these but actually makes the dishes?
你现在死了corana 感染的感染者
He does but it's secret
lex cholodny
lex cholodny - Prije 23 sati
you are something else
Cem Gürbüz
Cem Gürbüz - Prije dan
What the Furck
Cem Gürbüz
Cem Gürbüz - Prije dan
MHD_ arbi
MHD_ arbi - Prije dan
Riko Fede
Riko Fede - Prije dan
Los Pollos Hermanos left the chat
Justa Normalperson
Justa Normalperson - Prije dan
I was here hoping that he/she would realy cook the nuggets
But naw
fun doodle learn
fun doodle learn - Prije dan
It's gross when chicken is near the toilet
Floof Doggo
Floof Doggo - Prije dan
Hey honey I’m going to make you some McDonald’s chick- OH MY GOD WHAT ARE THEY DOING
The Cat Queen
The Cat Queen - Prije dan
*and the video started out so well...*
Starling Myra
Starling Myra - Prije dan
I just wanted to make some good chicken nuggets..
Gr33n5hinx - Prije dan
Yahh.. seems legit
TCGamerOfficial - Prije dan
Plot Twist: he actually owns McDonalds
Mine Forcers
Mine Forcers - Prije dan
Girls when puberty: I HATE MY LIFE
Boys when puberty: 1:00
你现在死了corana 感染的感染者
How to get me in 2020 without a mask
Britt Hayes
Britt Hayes - Prije dan
Poor farmers
Madhu Jagtap
Madhu Jagtap - Prije dan
Disgusting!!! You wasted lot of food .. how can u even create such content 😡
Khwezi Nande
Khwezi Nande - Prije dan
Oh my god😳😳😳toilet chicken 🚽🐔
Aide Hernàndez Valencia
Why do I still saeing this
Switchslash スイッチスラッシュ
Fun fact he actually made it for dinner that night
Marlon T
Marlon T - Prije dan
Welp this is my first time seeing this channel. That’s enough internet for today.
Gr33n5hinx - Prije dan
Cmon man
Yu Shi
Yu Shi - Prije dan
At the begging I was like ok ok this is fine but when I get more in to the video I was like .......... bruh I'm disliking this video
Chase Parker
Chase Parker - Prije dan
Imagine that one person who actually wanted to make chicken nuggets
Thanos chin
Thanos chin - Prije dan
I wonder how many people have saw his vids and thought it was an actual guide
BlackIronMaN2213 - Prije dan
When the chicken started moving I was laughing so hard I was drooling, I was crying, And my stomach started hurting
Miau - Prije dan
African People : TrIgGeReD
Minnomal - Prije dan
harry - Prije dan
My mom actually believed this LOL!
old school gamer
old school gamer - Prije dan
Is tast good do
IICatsparklzII - Prije dan
Me: *disgusted and feels sick*
Also me: *keeps watching*
Nisha Desai
Nisha Desai - Prije dan
shit dont like to see such dirty style of cooking ohhhh shit sorry never again try check also
HyPeR - Prije dan
if was real...
Clownwithpoo - Prije 2 dana
I was just like oh how nice I can’t get McDonald’s anymore :I see what he does -goes of vid- *crys*
samuel gonzales
samuel gonzales - Prije 2 dana
That recipe is so disgusting i've ever seen before in my entire life
Rahul Krishnan
Rahul Krishnan - Prije 2 dana
Oooo dark😂😂
Xeyr ONLINE - Prije 2 dana
Not entertaining 😢 i felt sad to this
Kelly Yu
Kelly Yu - Prije 2 dana
What are you doing pulling a chicken nugget is a toilet in the toilet and take to the pan that is disgusting and it’s so funny that I laugh and a chicken nugget is burning🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
The WatBox Gaming
The WatBox Gaming - Prije 2 dana
how to make chicken mc nuggets, more like how to make chicken mc mess’s
Apa Boleh Jual Jual
Apa Boleh Jual Jual - Prije 2 dana
Pengotor my 🤢🤮😷 corona virus
Accutie - Prije 2 dana
1 egg?

Miles Edgeworth
Miles Edgeworth - Prije 2 dana
The 19k people who disliked actually followed the steps before watching the whole video--
Shaker ALsalim
Shaker ALsalim - Prije 2 dana
What the QUACK is this so disgusting ewwww
Alexthenewboi - Prije 2 dana
The song in the background! Easter egg
24Hrs - Prije 2 dana
Rip his toilet
Andrew Ballantine
Andrew Ballantine - Prije 2 dana
It's really nice
XXX_DESNOGAMES XXX_ - Prije 2 dana
I love how all of how to basics videos seem normal. But then it gets weird
Leona Rox
Leona Rox - Prije 2 dana
I am just sitting and looking at the screen like what the hell is going on
Srividya Vedagarbha
Srividya Vedagarbha - Prije 2 dana
1:13 who saw a tripod
Jan Oadrie Flores
Jan Oadrie Flores - Prije 2 dana
am i the one who actually came for nuggets ......cause yah
Karunakar Sapogu
Karunakar Sapogu - Prije 2 dana
Eat my s h i t tastes and looks better than that
x9xqtr 1008711
x9xqtr 1008711 - Prije 2 dana
I cried watching this 😢
Jairus Kristian Zulaybar
Jairus Kristian Zulaybar - Prije 2 dana
I didn't look at the channel so that's why when I watched it it was weird
YoutubeKing102 Castillo
YoutubeKing102 Castillo - Prije 2 dana
What is wrong with this dude??? Seriously 😳
lion gamer
lion gamer - Prije 2 dana
Hmmm delicius 👌👌👌
Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler - Prije 2 dana
Those who disliked are confused moms thinking this is a scam
spiderman - Prije 2 dana
I followed all the steps and had myself some scrumptious chicken mcnuggets just like the ones from McDonald's. My kids love it and it's a hit when they have their friends over.
tang8 ෴
tang8 ෴ - Prije 2 dana
DiDDiT - Prije 2 dana
The sequel
Doggo Productions
Doggo Productions - Prije 2 dana
kazumiiツ - Prije 2 dana
l feel sad for the chicken nuggets
FOXHOUND - Prije 2 dana
ZzzzZz what a stupid video from a stupid person.
HorizonCentrzz666 - Prije 2 dana
Christian Lasarov
Christian Lasarov - Prije 3 dana
Beruss sama
Beruss sama - Prije 3 dana
QIONGZHEN LIANG - Prije 3 dana
How to basic: how to make McDonald chicken nuggets
Also how to basic: uses KFC chicken nuggets
EXtorion Clan
EXtorion Clan - Prije 3 dana
chrysean dela cruz
chrysean dela cruz - Prije 3 dana
Uh disgusting chicken breast