Foxy Brown Fires At DJ Envy After Breakfast Club Interview

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Foxy Brown and DJ Envy beef from Don Pooh interview (00:22)
Y.G. issues apology to LGBTQ community (03:05)
Da Baby posts bail in Miami (03:58)
Nick Gordon found dead on New Year's Day (05:07)
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The Breakfast Club features celebrity interviews, Charlamagne tha God’s Donkey of the Day, Angela Yee’s Rumor Reports, DJ Envy’s mixes and so much more! Every guest visiting the world’s most dangerous morning show is grilled with their signature blend of honesty and humor. The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.
Trajanje: 6:50


Louis Vuitton
Louis Vuitton - Prije dan
Let's all be honest now. WE(not just me) WE all click on that video for them tities
Jennifer Neals
Jennifer Neals - Prije dan
Wait a minute they can address this but never addressed the comments made by Gucci in the CTG interview?
felicia kelley
felicia kelley - Prije 2 dana
YMRM McCree - Prije 2 dana
I’m late but his answer was classy and shady👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Nice blend Envy
Steezie Steezie
Steezie Steezie - Prije 2 dana
CP The G
CP The G - Prije 2 dana
When did her boobs get so juicy?
Vance Smith
Vance Smith - Prije 2 dana
Hold Up Angie, You Posted A Pic With Ma Dissing Men, Basically Competing Against Men In The Natural Producing Order But When She Gets Called Out It's A Problem. YALL HAVE TO GET IT TOGETHER OVER THERE.
Will Banks
Will Banks - Prije 3 dana
Dam foxy brown still a sexy chocolate mf
Gail Taylor
Gail Taylor - Prije 3 dana
Will I live to see the day Envy takes the high road.
Alexis Cagan
Alexis Cagan - Prije 3 dana
Why she mad? It wasn’t inappropriate the interview
Mahogany Speaks
Mahogany Speaks - Prije 4 dana
Duke Johnson
Duke Johnson - Prije 4 dana
Angela Yee is sexy
Col Denn
Col Denn - Prije 4 dana
She called envy a fish LMAO!!!! Envy got 300 and still made to carry foxy luggage lol
Shannon Harris
Shannon Harris - Prije 5 dana
She is very Bitter
Jamie Mikkelson
Jamie Mikkelson - Prije 6 dana
She needs to realize, she ain't a star no more!! Has been!! Its the truth. Maybe they will do a reunion tour of the has beens!!
Alexandria Obong
Alexandria Obong - Prije 6 dana
Pause. So no one find it suspicious that Whitney , her daughter , & son in law ALL died from drug overdose 🤔
Trueblue2053 - Prije 7 dana
Her hearing is fucked envy.... lol.... u clumbed ur way to the top and u didnt do anything file.... and that keeps u real and humble.... i luv ur work bro and the way u carry urself publicly and privately ( as long as u aint tryn to dive off the gwb ) keep walkn that straight and narrow path
PheonixRising3 - Prije 9 dana
Maybe she heard it pun intended!
Chantell Brown
Chantell Brown - Prije 11 dana
Yeah we don’t even care what happened to her 😂 She lucky he cares 😅
Jason Moore
Jason Moore - Prije 13 dana
nuffflavor - Prije 14 dana
She fell back !?
You mean she fell OFF !
Amaziah Gamble
Amaziah Gamble - Prije 17 dana
Africans were denied the builder of the stone that built the pyramids and aliens did it on the basis of the nose of the Sphinx was a fallacy, therefor without the fallacy Africans were the architects, thx me later💋
jawilson vieira
jawilson vieira - Prije 19 dana
Good somebody needs to fire Back at DJ Envy idiot cheetah family liar apologizing for his dumb stupidity because he's afraid of Child Support!!!!🤦🤷😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Urban Atheist
Urban Atheist - Prije 19 dana
You can’t talk shit about someone who’s gotta job while you’re getting arrested for stealing weave from the dollar store
Tasha Johnson
Tasha Johnson - Prije 19 dana
You dont have to support the gay community but you should respect everyone
kal EL
kal EL - Prije 20 dana
She had no reason to go off like that who she with anyway def jam lol 😂😂😂
blax minx sands
blax minx sands - Prije 20 dana
Young Man is a man or LGBTQ yourself?
Royal Evans
Royal Evans - Prije 21 dan
These dudes be forced to apologize to the gay community .... but he a hard core gangster 🤣😂😭
Beany Pablo
Beany Pablo - Prije 21 dan
One hit Wonder Foxy Brown!!
Talib Moore
Talib Moore - Prije 21 dan
Love me some foxy...envy trash
M Barron
M Barron - Prije 22 dana
Envy is a ugly person from the inside. That's what you call a rotten character/soul.
Shenyae T
Shenyae T - Prije 22 dana
Why do dark skinned black women and men keep dogging Foxy in the comment section 🤔 If anything y’all muthafuckas supposed to have her back.
Bandit Haze
Bandit Haze - Prije 22 dana
"I got beat up by dababy" ... I bet the police laughed before they took that seriously..
BLACK & JACKED - Prije 23 dana
I clicked the video and liked it for the titties on auntie brown in the thumbnail.
W S - Prije 23 dana
I love you @Foxybrown marry Me 33333.
Constructive Criticism
Constructive Criticism - Prije 24 dana
Foxy so irrelevant that even the fans from that era don't remember her
buddy Isreal
buddy Isreal - Prije 24 dana
Envy is a idiot, and a lame in my book period. He think he's Caucasian to be honest.
The Son Of Syn
The Son Of Syn - Prije 25 dana
Envy said nothing wrong. Is she mentally ill as well as deaf?
Roshawn Charice
Roshawn Charice - Prije 26 dana
1:35 dude next to envy wanted to crack up laughing but he was holding it in.
Dana Bennett
Dana Bennett - Prije 26 dana
Shoshone Stover
Shoshone Stover - Prije 27 dana
Theeeeemmmmm Tiiiitttttttiiiiiieeeesssssss
tommywright3rd - Prije 28 dana
Now I know to never pay more than $300 for a D.J.
O F - Prije 29 dana
Don't really see what Envy did wrong tbh. Foxy Brown is looking so damn fine in that pic they posted of her. Whew chilee. #Milf
Ebonie Beal
Ebonie Beal - Prije 29 dana
Why is it wrong for people to have a different opinion about gay culture??
Pinkee B
Pinkee B - Prije 29 dana
Now Envy can be insensitive at times, but he didn't say anything bad in that interview.
Angie Chagani
Angie Chagani - Prije 29 dana
Envy is a f*ck boy
Miss Hillary
Miss Hillary - Prije mjesec
Yee seems more comfortable when Charlagmane ain’t there.🤷🏽‍♀️
Bam Terry
Bam Terry - Prije mjesec
Envy and charlamane are bitches.
gottabump - Prije mjesec
What was wrong with his question? She did fall off
toya adams
toya adams - Prije mjesec
Foxy Brown Loves Talking bout what she did back when/''he carried All her records & Chanel bags''/Gurl, that was like 100 mf'n yrs ago/Who's Carrying Your Records & Rainbow Attire Now?????(insert crickets chirping)
read more
5hrs later & Still Hearing Crickets...
Crystal Cheatham
Crystal Cheatham - Prije 23 dana
mAGIC BLAck - Prije mjesec
Foxy was one of the best Female rappers to ever do it....i hope she Gets it together.
David Hoard
David Hoard - Prije mjesec
She a crack head for 20 years straight
Rico Moe
Rico Moe - Prije mjesec
Where do she live do u know LOL, envy saying that like she fell all the way off he's a fool jack!!!
KingParisBuckingham - Prije mjesec
Why boobs looks fake???
K Wood
K Wood - Prije mjesec
the bootlick club yall aint shit
Marie - Prije mjesec
First of all need to know the history between those two before you start running your d**k s*****s😜😜😜😜😜😜
jorge herrera
jorge herrera - Prije mjesec
There was no problem with the question ,she not relevant no more and she mad about that.
Shenyae T
Shenyae T - Prije mjesec
Let’s give Foxy her flowers 💐 while she’s still here. Stop bashing her.
Shenyae T
Shenyae T - Prije mjesec
To all you black women dissing Foxy in the comments, get a life. She accomplished a lot and contributed a lot.
Shenyae T
Shenyae T - Prije mjesec
A talented dark skinned women is a threat, that’s why black dudes stay come for her.