do these FAKE photo hacks work? (at home)

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do these FAKE photo hacks work? (at home)
Bluetooth Remote:
Bathtub Bikini:
Should I try more 5-minute crafts?! Would you like to see more FAKE photoshoot "hacks"? Comment below!
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Who else came here and now wants to try this !!? I’m doing it. ❤️
Sumaiya Fahmida
Sumaiya Fahmida - Prije 6 sati
Last pic of u was awsome
Naya rocks
Naya rocks - Prije 9 sati
Wow!!!.. this is so so amazing. And you are so pretty 🥺🥺
Jierhea Yums
Jierhea Yums - Prije 11 sati
a very beautiful model with a baritone voice
Lylz Vlog
Lylz Vlog - Prije 13 sati
Photo #1 and the last one .💗💗💗💗 wanna try that too.. thanks
Lulwa Adnan Al Murakhi
Lulwa Adnan Al Murakhi - Prije 13 sati
Ummm 2 no
Multi Beauty hacks
Multi Beauty hacks - Prije 19 sati
Wao nice
Claire Woods
Claire Woods - Prije 19 sati
so funny
Nilakshi Talukdar
Nilakshi Talukdar - Prije 22 sati
She looks like James charles🤣
fetusdeletus - Prije dan
Damn she really is model material😩😭
music 101
music 101 - Prije dan
you know that it will work but it takes a lot of effort and art. duhhh😒
Sassy Girl 224
Sassy Girl 224 - Prije dan
U r soooo pretty in litereally everything !!!!!!!!!!!!👏(jealous)
Nicolas C. Miller
Nicolas C. Miller - Prije dan
They need a hack for a good camera to go along with them. (Cuz without it you probably cant do this)
Renesha Dhoodnath
Renesha Dhoodnath - Prije dan
Amazing video
Tshepo Fortunate
Tshepo Fortunate - Prije dan
1 and 5 🥴🤍🤍 the BT Remote should of been your no 6 hack love that idea I was used to using my earphones till I lost them love this Lemme go make game 🥺
Karol Baker
Karol Baker - Prije dan
Omg haha !
Ana Matilde
Ana Matilde - Prije 2 dana
i liked some of the hacks but what I liked most was the skateboards on the bedroom wall. i didn't know that u skate. it is the first video I see yours and I liked it. I already subscribed too. bye
Debjani Mondal
Debjani Mondal - Prije 2 dana
ramona ramona
ramona ramona - Prije 2 dana
If my mom was my self taping a Ritz box to take photos I would smile and she would roll her eyes and thing where she went wrong
Satisfying Stuff
Satisfying Stuff - Prije 2 dana
Youre voice is so annoying
bright star
bright star - Prije 2 dana
you came for 12:11 🙌💙
zXgabrielaXX Plays
zXgabrielaXX Plays - Prije 2 dana
Hi! I’m new and I subscribed
insanetxartist - Prije 2 dana
Yeah, no amount of hacking outside of plastic surgery would help this mug. LMAO
Jenice Dumz
Jenice Dumz - Prije 3 dana
you're like Sawyer Sharbino
aryana r
aryana r - Prije 3 dana
so we seriously gonna ignore the fact tha her eyes are literally two colors and absolutely beautiful like...😍💜
izzy Gheesling
izzy Gheesling - Prije 3 dana
Nina Merklina
Nina Merklina - Prije 3 dana
Natalia: "you guys I am actually so shook-" (about the picture hack)
Me: but you shouldn't be shook. Because you would hecking look good in a potato sack. She looks good in every position. It doesn't matter how bad the hack. She just looks good in EVERYTHING.
Hayden Rhodes
Hayden Rhodes - Prije 3 dana
Your soo perfect
Leora Jim
Leora Jim - Prije 3 dana
Stop cursing PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!??????????
Melina Koukouvini
Melina Koukouvini - Prije 4 dana
First step: be as gorgeous as her
Noor e hira khan
Noor e hira khan - Prije 4 dana
4:18 I’m not a hater but I honestly think that it wasn’t the picture that she actually took just because she doesn’t have the remote in her hand or maybe she just took a timer picture 🤷‍♀️
CoCoNut Juice
CoCoNut Juice - Prije 4 dana
It’s just the fact u Look good in everything
Gabrielle O
Gabrielle O - Prije 4 dana
So many hand movements at the start 🤣🤣
chai lotskie
chai lotskie - Prije 5 dana
wow like is normal
Laisa Siqila
Laisa Siqila - Prije 5 dana
Lovely Video..
Saw u with the Fiji Water bottle just made me wanna
Im from Fiji Islands..
Love watching
Sanjida sanju
Sanjida sanju - Prije 5 dana
It's all about the camera
Sanjida sanju
Sanjida sanju - Prije 5 dana
Which camera do they use??
Nivea Hardy
Nivea Hardy - Prije 5 dana
Not trying to be rude but u kinda talk to much can u just do it
Anxious Sponge
Anxious Sponge - Prije 5 dana
10:53 jesus in the corner xD
「red ice」
「red ice」 - Prije 5 dana
Keerthi Sudharsan
Keerthi Sudharsan - Prije 6 dana
Ho my God that is so so much good
I love it
just Neuering
just Neuering - Prije 6 dana
Wow 🌹
#3 maybe needs larger one with better glass quality
Sweet JeanM
Sweet JeanM - Prije 6 dana
All is perfect one I really like the last one in the tab😍
Addison Favreau
Addison Favreau - Prije 6 dana
Aluna Horton
Aluna Horton - Prije 6 dana
Your man LOVES you! Can we just pause to praise this man treating his Queen like a Goddess! None of this fabulousness could be done without the patient and quiet generosity of the man who supports and adores you. Put a ring on that man. Lock it down. Have some beautiful kind babies. Fill the world with more of this kind of LOVE!! YYYYASSSSS!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Ληδα Σακ
Ληδα Σακ - Prije 6 dana
Even tho most of these are dump, she makes it look sick
Wafaa Nasseri
Wafaa Nasseri - Prije 6 dana
Hello🌸 thank you for the intention of help hoping that you are doing great. Elegant ladies don't wear cleavage, armpits, bikini and buttocks showing clothes and edit or remove photos and videos containing such as this video and stay loyal wether you are a male or a female even with sight and wishes🌸
Ysabelle Mariz Pangilinan
Ysabelle Mariz Pangilinan - Prije 6 dana
She's pointing out its fake then in the end she would suddenly love it.
Jiya Khan
Jiya Khan - Prije 6 dana
In results where is ur Bluetooth remote
Riri Othman
Riri Othman - Prije 7 dana
Selena Howell
Selena Howell - Prije 7 dana
She’s so pretty
Monique Johnson
Monique Johnson - Prije 7 dana
absolutley beutiful natalia
cyber potato
cyber potato - Prije 7 dana
Oh i like you henna tattoo Just a question are you aribic or muslim?
The Nerdy Squad
The Nerdy Squad - Prije 7 dana
Does anyone else think that Natalia should die her hair dark brown?
まDomicrush - Prije 7 dana
do a how i edit plz
Aylén - Prije 7 dana
she looks a bit like lady gaga
Kaat De Kinder
Kaat De Kinder - Prije 7 dana
Julia Buchanan
Julia Buchanan - Prije 7 dana
"The dam Ritz crackers on the ceiling"
-Natalia Taylor 2020
Turtle Queen
Turtle Queen - Prije 8 dana
The actual title of this video: Me calling myself ugly when I’m really flawless
Rhonda Kernizan
Rhonda Kernizan - Prije 8 dana
do you have a tik toc
Neelu Sharma
Neelu Sharma - Prije 8 dana
The picture no. 5 was awsome
Eventzby Zoey
Eventzby Zoey - Prije 8 dana
I want freckles now I’m so jealous
Cora Stevens
Cora Stevens - Prije 8 dana
What the hell like half the Hacks that you did and just say I’m not a boy that’s just my brothers thing
Jasmine Anaya
Jasmine Anaya - Prije 8 dana
Your eyes are so pretty
Saria Jones
Saria Jones - Prije 8 dana
#last one
Melanie Martinez Fan -queen
I would say this to my mom even tho she sadly passed away :( ‘’Look behind you a bird :0’’
Megan Mcilwaine
Megan Mcilwaine - Prije 8 dana
The ice shape is so weird
geishagrrl24 - Prije 8 dana
Girl you killed it in the the last 2 photo haute couture look all the way!
Maryann Lee
Maryann Lee - Prije 8 dana
I did it a drink like that ♥️😜🥰
Miriam Elizabeth Korah
Miriam Elizabeth Korah - Prije 8 dana
Ur face looks like charli d'amileo . And your face is so pretty
Dila carolina
Dila carolina - Prije 8 dana
gaming girl squad
gaming girl squad - Prije 9 dana
She talks to much
Yohance Skerrette
Yohance Skerrette - Prije 9 dana
Kabir Varsha
Kabir Varsha - Prije 9 dana
Y so much hate for 5 - minute crafts ??? Can't seem to be getting enough of herself ................
Logo Lesatele
Logo Lesatele - Prije 9 dana
Roseetube Yt
Roseetube Yt - Prije 9 dana
Omg ur eyes are so pretty!!!!
BUILD YOURSELF - Prije 9 dana
No 5 😊👍👍👍
ChayMeir Serrano
ChayMeir Serrano - Prije 9 dana
Itz Summer
Itz Summer - Prije 9 dana
Belll is lucky 😞
charize's tiktok videos groyon
I am new at your channel and i sub becuase i like your your youtube vid now i am your favouraite youtuber